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What Causes Impotence?

When a certain part of life suddenly becomes disrupted through an illness or other medical condition, people are prone to wondering how they've arrived at their personal situation, as well as how they might have prevented the problem. This is certainly true in the case of erectile dysfunction, as problems in bed can generate a great deal of thinking –not all of it positive-- about sex, and about the possibility of not being able to enjoy it anymore. Impotence is a sexual dysfunction with somewhat simple physical causes, yet the condition may be worsened by its immediate mental effects.

To either side of the urethra out of which urine flows, the penis is equipped with the “corpus cavernosa,” two channels that fill with blood when an erection is achieved. When blood has difficulty reaching these channels, or when an insufficient amount of blood is delivered to the area, an erection can fail to manifest or can become only partially hard, making intercourse impossible. A number of issues such as poor circulation and blood flow can contribute to these delivery difficulties.

The question, “what causes impotence?” also requires an investigation of mental well-being to arrive at a meaningful answer. The inability to perform in bed can lead to any number of negative thoughts and feelings, some of which may become persistent and effect the libido, so that erections are prevented purely by the power of the mind.

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