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Did you know that the majority of men rarely achieve a full sized erection? That's right, typically a man's penis will realize an erection that is a mere 85 - 90% of what it really could be. That doesn't always mean that the penis isn't hard or erect, it's just that it still has a bit of a way to go in order to reach its totally erect state. Perhaps the most alarming thing is; most men don't even realize that they haven't reached a full erection!

Does the extra 10 - 15% make a difference? Absolutely, just think of how many times you've overheard wives or girlfriends saying things like "if only it was a bit harder" or "an extra inch would make all the difference". Such statements are often made in jest, but don't be fooled, people are often coy when it comes talking about sexual matters. There is a lot of underlying, and serious truth in what is often made light-hearted fun of. Behind the facade, most women truly do desire to be more sexually fulfilled.

In order for an erection to take place at all, three things have to happen: (1) The brain has to be stimulated in order for it to (2) send a signal to the nerves in the penis to activate them to then (3) trigger the flow of blood into the penis, ultimately causing an erection. If any one of these three things fails to happen, it may cause a less than optimum erection to occur or, even worse, complete erectile dysfunction whereby even a partial erection becomes impossible!

Of all the herbal male enhancement products on the market Bali Mojo is the only sex pill formulated with all the tested and proven ingredients needed to ensure that each and every step of the necessary chemistry takes place so that a fuller and firmer erection occurs. Not only that, but our completely natural enhancement pill also ensures that a super hard erection is maintained for as long as necessary, and longer if need be.

Isn't time you took control of your erection? Of course it is. Take yours to the max each and every time with Bali Mojo!

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