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Q. Does Bali Mojo contain any chemicals or drugs?
A. No. It is 100% herbal.

Q. Does Bali Mojo have a recommended dosage? How many pills can I take at one time?
A. You should take 1 or 2 capsules approximately 10 - 30 minutes before a sexual encounter. This should also be enough to keep you receptive and ready to respond to additional intimate encounters for up to 4 days.

Q. Is it ok for women to use Bali Mojo too?
A. Absolutely. Women will develop a higher sensitivity to touch due to improved blood flow to their genital area, in turn making them more easily aroused.

Q. Can Bali Mojo be taken with alcohol?
A. Yes! It is this that really makes Bali Mojo stand out from other competing products. You can consume a large amount of alcohol without any fear that it will cancel out the effects of Bali Mojo.

Q. Am I likely to experience any undesirable side effects when I take Bali Mojo?
A. Adverse side effects should not be expected as our product is completely natural. Since the launch of Bali Mojo in 2003 we have not received any reports of people experiencing adverse reactions to it.

Q. Is Bali Mojo intended for use by older people only?
A. No, due to the wide range of benefits that it offers, Bali Mojo can actually be used by any adult regardless of their age. Younger male users that have no problem getting an erection will find benefit in other ways such as increased levels of testosterone, improved endurance and the ability to keep an erection for even longer periods of time. Bali Mojo also stimulates the brain.

Q. I am suffering from an unrelated illness/condition/heart problem for which I am under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Is it safe for me to take Bali Mojo?
A. Bali Mojo does not cause excess pressure on the heart, nor have any complications been reported when Bali Mojo has been used at the same time as other medications. However, as a general precautionary measure, we recommend that anyone under medical supervision and / or receiving treatment of any kind should seek further advice from their doctor prior to taking Bali Mojo. In some cases, medications for other illnesses may reduce the effect of Bali Mojo.

Q. I have heard other people call your product "Herbal Viagra". Does that mean it is manufactured by Pfizer?
A. Customers have been known to call our product "herbal viagra" and this is undoubtedly due to the fact that the effects of Bali Mojo are similar to those of the famous blue pill. Bali Mojo is not made by Pfizer, but we are of course flattered that it is considered by our customers to be equal or better than its chemical counterpart, especially as our product is 100% herbal.

Q. As a herbal erectile dysfunction treatment, has Bali Mojo been approved for consumption?
A. Bali Mojo has completed thorough and rigorous medical testing procedures and we are therefore pleased to confirm that it is certified to be safe for human consumption.

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