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Causes of Impotence in Men

As one of the most potentially debilitating and embarrassing sexual health problems commonly experienced among men, impotence presents a major challenge to medical health professionals in terms of delivering accurate and complete knowledge to concerned parties. Many advocacy groups, such as anti-tobacco coalitions, have attempted in recent years to claim for their own cause to know the secret causes of impotence in men; many people have probably observed visually clever ads suggesting that erectile dysfunction is a direct result of smoking. But while smoking and a host of other contentious lifestyle choices can sometimes play a role in the development of impotence, there are a number of factors at play, some of which may be unavoidable.

The causes of impotence in men can sometimes stem from difficulty in receiving an adequate blood supply to the internal caverns of the penis, which create erections when filled. This purely physical issue can be caused by poor choices in diet, exercise, and other personal areas of life, but can also be a result of factors largely out of a man's direct control. Sometimes, the impotence can become an issue as the direct result of psychological problems. For any number of reasons, men may develop insecurities or negative feelings about sex which can make it difficult to achieve an erection when the time seems right. This bedroom problem can itself create more negative feelings and associations, resulting in a tangle that can be especially challenging to unwind.

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